Security & Safety Measures


Security Lighting

We can supply and install outside lights that look appropriate for the outside of your property, and which can be controlled by motion detectors, and light level sensors, to provide safety and security for you and your guests. We try to install LED lighting wherever possible, which provides years of maintenance free, energy efficient lighting, and is much more suitable for the harsh weather conditions that they are exposed to outside.


Sometimes there is simply no alternative but to replace wiring. Wiring does deteriorate with age, and badly done alterations, and additions, alongside an ever increasing need for more and more sockets and lights, can sometimes mean a rewire is required. We have rewired many properties, of all types, occupied and not, and can assure you that the work can be done with a minimum of disruption, in a timely manner, to leave you with a safe installation that is perfect for your requirements.



Electrical Installations

Domestic Work

Interested in buying a new property? Get in touch with Lytham St Annes Electrical to arrange an inspection on the house. A brief visual check on the electrical system can identify any problems, so you can be fully informed of any potential expense, and consider whether or not to proceed with your offer. The visual check only takes an hour, but can potentially save you thousands.

Once the house belongs to you, the rooms will need the services of a professional electrician. We are more than happy to make personal recommendations on how your lighting can compliment each room.

Safety is always paramount, so any alterations need to be carried out properly, and in strict accordance with relevant electrical and building regulations. Any safety issues with the existing wiring can be rectified along with the new work, leaving you with an installation that suits your home, your lifestyle, and has all the necessary safety measures as standard.

Commercial Work

If you own, or rent, a commercial property, then a reliable electrical installation is important to
allow you to provide the services you offer. We are experienced in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of electrical systems in all types of commercial premises, such as shops, offices, clubs and restaurants.

We can provide solutions to whatever your specific electrical requirements are, including window and display lighting, sign lights, heating and ventilation, and bespoke office installations. We also have a good working knowledge of caravans and caravan park installations, providing electrical services to a number of local sites, both large and small.

We will respond to any unforeseen problems, offering a 24 hour, 365 days a year service if necessary, to ensure your business can run as efficiently as possible. During any work carried out in commercial premises, careful consideration is given to the needs of the business to continue to operate, and any specific health and safety requirements are strictly adhered to.

Industrial Work

The requirements of industrial premises, such as workshops and factories, mean that a different approach to these types of installation is necessary. It is not always practical to shut down a business to carry out work. As with commercial work, our own procedures for health and safety are adapted to suit the requirements of your specific site, to ensure the smooth running of your business and the safe operation of ours.

Industrial installations must be able to withstand the heavier use and higher power demands from larger equipment, and be installed in such a way that takes into account the increased risk of mechanical damage and harsher environments.

The provision of metalclad accessories and enclosures, armoured cables and vapourproof light fittings are examples of what is sometimes required, and we have experience of working in all sorts of industrial situations to install whatever is necessary for your site.















light fitting


Kitchen Installations

If you’re having a new kitchen, you’ll almost certainly need a professional electrician to alter the electrical installation to suit the new layout. We can work with your kitchen fitters to ensure that the refurbishment goes smoothly, and the results are exactly as required, and look stunning!

Garden Lighting and Power

If you’re redesigning your garden, some carefully planned lighting can really enhance features such as planters, statues, and water features. It can be subtle, to illuminate specific parts, or bright enough to light up the whole garden. All supplies can be switched from inside the house, so you will have full control over the whole system, without even going outside. We also fit outside power sockets, ideal for use all year round, in all weathers.


Technical Electrical Work

Underfloor Heating

If your feet are feeling the cold through your tiled or laminate floors, we can design and install underfloor heating systems that will warm the floor, or the whole room.

Shower Installation

We have fitted hundreds of electric showers over the years, and it’s very important that this is done properly. We can supply and install a new shower from scratch, including all electric and plumbing, or we can assess existing shower installations to see if they are suitable to have more modern showers replaced onto existing services. Either way, you are left with a suitable shower, safely and properly fitted.

shower install


We have been involved with minor room redecorations, simply requiring new light fittings, to whole property renovations, where we have helped our customers make their property into their perfect home or workplace. Nothing is too much trouble, or too complicated – some of it just takes more thinking about! It’s a pleasure to be involved when you see people’s reactions, and they have exactly what they asked for!

Emergency Callouts

Electrical installations are in use 24/7, and can break down without warning, at any time, day or night. In the event of an emergency, you can call and we will respond. The mobile 07802408513 is never switched off!